A brief statement regarding React.JS Global Summit

Dear React Summit community, since we've recently received a number of inquiries in the matter, we'd like to inform you that GitNation is not running React.JS Global Summit, and we are not affiliated with the company behind it in any way.

The organizers’ statement about running the “world’s largest React.js event” seems to be heavily inspired by React Summit's tagline, and it's very dubious at best — back in April, our React Summit Remote Edition had 20K attendees. As far as we know, that number hasn’t been outdone so far.

Besides the branding similarities, the organizers moved React.JS Global Summit to React Summit’s previously scheduled date in September. While imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, we’re obviously not happy about the situation. We do appreciate competition as it keeps driving us to organize great confs, however, we advise you to steer clear of copycat events.

The scale of our conferences is the consequence of our work with the community — we do everything in our power to contribute to the growth and development of the React scene. We’ve done so since 2015. We reach out to local clusters of developers, support and highlight talent, build good relationships with other events, and we involve pros on stage and behind the scenes.

When you buy React Summit tickets, you support precisely these efforts.

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