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6 min readJul 14, 2020


Dear React Summit community,

Despite the easing of the coronavirus restrictions in both the Netherlands and the European Union, mass events have still not been allowed in Amsterdam and there are currently no tentative dates for updates to the policy.

At the same time, many of our community members from outside of the EU can’t enter the bloc and won’t be able to do so for the coming months. That’s why, rather than organize React Summit in a strictly limited in-person format, we’ve decided to:

  1. Move the 2020 event to cyberspace, open and safe for all community members — you’ll be able to attend an extended remote version of React Summit on October 15–16, 2020
  2. Organize an in-person React Summit in late 2021

We will keep you informed about any organizational changes as soon as possible. You can find all the details in the sections below, but to give you a brief overview of your options if you’ve previously booked a ticket:


Option A: Conference tickets will be automatically transferred to the late 2021 in-person conference unless you request otherwise, and as a bonus, you’ll get FULL access to 1 future remote event.

Option B: If you want to attend in 2020, you can opt-in for our remote React Summit conference on October 15–16, 2020 (worth €250 excl. VAT), and as a bonus, you’ll get 1 free full-day workshop ticket (worth €300 excl. VAT).

Option C: You can request an event voucher or a refund, however, please consider this a last resort due to the financial implications for a small business like ours. Processing your refund might take significant time.

Option A doesn’t require any action from your side, but if you prefer the options B or C, please follow the instructions below. Let us know about your decision before September 1, 2020.

A. In-person conference tickets will be automatically transferred to late 2021

In case you don’t have any specific requests regarding your order, your conference tickets will be automatically transferred to the in-person React Summit happening on the later date (late 2021) retaining the original value and perks. No further action is required from your side.

You can still expect the top React (Native) experts and awesome content. Moreover, the conference will take place on the same week as its sister conf JSNation — the specific date will be announced soon.

As a bonus for staying our loyal customer, you’ll receive a voucher that will allow you to attend one of our future remote conferences for free — you can choose any except for the remote React Summit XL 2020. Please see below for dates and details.

Keep in mind that the 2021 conference will cost more than our previous events to compensate for the expenses related to the COVID crisis in the event industry, and by keeping your 2020 ticket, you’ll get way more value for the 2020 pricing.

Your existing workshop tickets will be transferred to the 2021 event, too. In case we’re not able to offer exactly the same sessions you have purchased, we’ll offer a transfer / refund option later on.

B. You can transfer your ticket to the remote React Summit XL on October 15–16, 2020

In addition to the new in-person event, we are going to run a virtual conference on October 15–16, 2020. The remote event is still going to be the special edition celebrating the 5th anniversary of the conference, however, it will take place in the cloud. The program is going to be outstanding and you can count on thousands of developers from around the world attending the conf.

The format will be different from our April 2020 Remote Edition, since we’ll offer more content (2 days x 2 tracks: Base Camp & Summit) and specifically more in-depth talks in the Summit track. The following speakers have already confirmed their participation:

  • Kent C. Dodds
  • Sara Vieira
  • Jason Lengstorf
  • Vojtech Miksu
  • Jen Luker
  • Lorenzo Sciandra
  • Vladimir Novick
  • Sophie Au

If you decide to take part, you can look forward to having full access to online networking and also an advice lounge where you will be able to book one-on-one consultations with some of the speakers.

The conf ticket is worth €250 excl. VAT, and should you transfer to remote, you’ll also receive 1 free full-day workshop ticket (worth €300 excl. VAT) as a bonus for staying on board for our event.

Opt-in for the remote event

We’ll be running multiple remote in-depth workshops and if you have an existing workshop ticket, you’ll be able to transfer your session to a remote one later on. If we can’t provide the same exact workshop you’ve paid for, you’ll have a chance to choose another session or ask for a refund. We will send you a transfer form once we finalize the workshop schedule.

C. You can request an event voucher or a refund

Should you decide for neither of the options mentioned above, you can request a voucher that can be redeemed for in-person or remote GitNation events for the value of the original ticket.

Request a voucher

You can also ask for a refund via email ( before September 1, 2020. While requesting the refund, please take into account that processing payments might take significant time because of the complicated financial situation we’re facing.

The coronavirus crisis has had an impact on the whole event industry including our company. As a small business run by tech enthusiasts, we need you, React folks, to show us your support in these hard times. We’ve been hit by cancellation fees from multiple venues, and audiovisual tech, speakers’ expenses, and many months of work still need to be paid out. This is the reason why we ask you to bear with us and not request a refund unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Take a look at our remote events coming up in 2020–2021

The options A (bonus access) and C (event voucher only) can provide complimentary full access to the following remote events:

  • QA Conf (Nov 5–6, 2020)
    Conference on modern Quality Assurance for both software development engineers and QA professionals. Learn about the latest automation techniques and tips from industry leaders and ship fewer bugs!
  • Global GraphQL Summit (Dec 7–8, 2020)
    Get ready for the future of data API’s and meet those who’re shaping the modern GraphQL toolsets and battle-test it at scale. If you’re serious about adoption GraphQL to future-proof your applications — it’s a must-attend event in 2020!
  • Machine Learning & AI Summit (Jan 28–29, 2021)
    A remote conference focusing on all things Machine Learning. Learn more about the future of computing.
  • Global Node.js Summit (Feb 18–19, 2021)
    Node.js has been growing insanely fast over the last 5 years, and since then became THE full-stack language that’s being adopted with any greenfield projects and recent tech rewrite. If you’re a front-end or back-end (or both!) engineer — you will learn a ton on how to be more productive, secure, and deploy more performant applications to your customers.

More information will be published soon.

What to do about your canceled travel plans

In case you’ve already booked non-refundable travel / accommodation for September, you now have high chances of being able to refund your expenses or request a voucher due to force majeure, depending on how fair your travel providers are. We’re not able to directly request refunds on your behalf, but feel free to pass this statement to your travel service providers as proof of cancellation of the original date.


Thank you for reading through this statement, and keep in mind that the whole React Summit team is grateful that you’re staying our customer in these difficult times.

We hope you stay safe and we get to see you soon!



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