An important update on React Summit 2020

  1. Move the 2020 event to cyberspace, open and safe for all community members — you’ll be able to attend an extended remote version of React Summit on October 15–16, 2020
  2. Organize an in-person React Summit in late 2021


A. In-person conference tickets will be automatically transferred to late 2021

B. You can transfer your ticket to the remote React Summit XL on October 15–16, 2020

  • Kent C. Dodds
  • Sara Vieira
  • Jason Lengstorf
  • Vojtech Miksu
  • Jen Luker
  • Lorenzo Sciandra
  • Vladimir Novick
  • Sophie Au

Opt-in for the remote event

C. You can request an event voucher or a refund

Request a voucher

Take a look at our remote events coming up in 2020–2021

  • QA Conf (Nov 5–6, 2020)
    Conference on modern Quality Assurance for both software development engineers and QA professionals. Learn about the latest automation techniques and tips from industry leaders and ship fewer bugs!
  • Global GraphQL Summit (Dec 7–8, 2020)
    Get ready for the future of data API’s and meet those who’re shaping the modern GraphQL toolsets and battle-test it at scale. If you’re serious about adoption GraphQL to future-proof your applications — it’s a must-attend event in 2020!
  • Machine Learning & AI Summit (Jan 28–29, 2021)
    A remote conference focusing on all things Machine Learning. Learn more about the future of computing.
  • Global Node.js Summit (Feb 18–19, 2021)
    Node.js has been growing insanely fast over the last 5 years, and since then became THE full-stack language that’s being adopted with any greenfield projects and recent tech rewrite. If you’re a front-end or back-end (or both!) engineer — you will learn a ton on how to be more productive, secure, and deploy more performant applications to your customers.

What to do about your canceled travel plans





#ReactJS / #ReactNative community behind #ReactSummit Conference and #ReactAmsterdam Meetups. Gathering 20K React fans online, 1.5K at in-person events.

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React Summit

React Summit

#ReactJS / #ReactNative community behind #ReactSummit Conference and #ReactAmsterdam Meetups. Gathering 20K React fans online, 1.5K at in-person events.

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