Get the most out of your React Summit Remote Edition experience

The conference week has already started. Don't miss out!

The first activities of React Summit Remote Edition are in full swing, and our conference day, April 17, is getting closer. We're ready for all the insights, networking, and fun — are you?

While we’re working on making sure everything runs smoothly, we’ve also put together a couple of points to get you folks all set for the conference:

The stream will be accessible on all your devices, be it your desktop, laptop, TV or mobile device, so make sure your desk or sofa is ready for a couple of hours of React fun. Grab some snacks and perhaps a beer or cocktail, because… why not. 🍹 Have fun!

We highly recommend that you join one of our watching parties or start your own for friends and colleagues, so that you have similar experience to attending a conference in-person. During the conf day, there will be a button on our website that will allow joining a random party, so that you can network with strangers, just as you would at a live event.

Don't be a loner! We know you're distancing yourself from everyone in the comfort of your home, but hey, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Don't forget to be social and let everyone on the Web know you're enjoying the virtual experience.

You’re in good company:

Map of our registered attendees

You can share the things you’ve just learned, discuss your new social connections, and post pictures of yourself enjoying React & chill while watching the live stream. Since we can't see you having fun, we really appreciate all the pics you publish on the Web.

Our hashtag #ReactSummit, so don't forget to use it. We’ll retweet the best posts and embed them in our wrap-up article after the event.

Speaking of social, we've designed the whole virtual event to replicate the best parts of our live gatherings. Full-access attendees will be able to take part in many activities:

  • 3-hour workshops focusing on Next.js, GraphQL, and other tech
  • Q&As with pro speakers such as Kent C. Dodds, Guillermo Rauch or Max Stoiber
  • speakers’ video rooms
  • advice lounge where projects can be discussed with our experts (booking via
  • topic-based video chat for GraphQL or React Native enthusiasts
  • Zoom rooms for your team or friends
  • open-access Zoom networking rooms
  • interactive challenges
  • remote afterparty facilitated by people deeply involved in the React community

You'll also be able to stream the conf in full HD and will receive the talk recordings right after the event.

👉 Get full access

4. Know you can rely on the org team

We've put a lot of effort and hard work into preparing for the online event, and we're doing everything to keep the professional level of our live conferences. If you have any questions, let us know at

We always dedicate extra time to provide a welcoming space for our diverse audience. Rest assured that any type of harassment is unacceptable — our regular Code of Conduct is in place, and it will be strictly enforced in our virtual spaces such as Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, and comment sections on other platforms associated with our brand. If you're dealing with any type of inappropriate behavior from other attendees, ping us at

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