We'll shine a spotlight on your Open Source projects 💡

We all love free software, and open-source projects are the sweetest of all. The tech community has come to rely on them — can you even imagine your work without OS soultions, like Redux or MobX?

There’s more and more avid programmers who share their work for others to build upon, and Open Source is getting more important every day, so we thought: Why not give its creators the recognition they deserve? 🌟

That's why we created the React Open Source Awards this year, and they are making a comeback at React Amsterdam Conference in 2019!

We put the word “awards” into the title, but really — this is about promoting great ideas and having fun with coding.

To show that any piece of work is welcome, last year’s highlights include the universal GraphQL API Apollo GraphQL, a library of cute SVG illustrations React Kawaii or CodeSandbox, the online code editor tailored for web applications.

👉 Browse the full list of 2018 winners and nominees

You don’t have to be afraid to submit any project, the only requirements are that the project is open-source and related to ReactJS or React Native.

Last year, we took 15 exciting and innovative open-source projects and let the panel of judges vote for exceptional projects in five categories:

  • Breakthrough of the Year
  • Fun Side Project of the Year
  • Most Impactful Contribution to the Community
  • Productivity Booster
  • The Most Exciting Use of Technology

To make the program even richer this year, we’ll be giving the People’s Choice Award, as well — there will be a popular vote based on one of our shortlists. That way, everybody’s point of view will be heard! 👩🏽‍💻👨🏻‍💻

It doesn't matter if you use OS code that more people should know about, or are its direct author, feel free to submit the project via the OS Awards official website:

👉 Nominate a project

Once everybody submits proposals, the jury of known React opinion leaders and active open source contributors will shortlist the nominees. The final decision on winners will be done by the people who already passed through a tough selection of the biggest React conference in the world — our speakers.

The winners will be announced during a special ceremony on April 12, 2019, and they'll receive an awesome trophy. 🏆

The ceremony will be live streamed to people watching the conference online, and React communities from all around the world will get to hear about the projects.

We'll also feature the projects on our social media accounts, and present them to the thousands of the members of our community. Don't forget to follow us for latest info on Open Source Awards!

#ReactJS / #ReactNative community behind #ReactSummit Conference and #ReactAmsterdam Meetups. Gathering 20K React fans online, 1.5K at in-person events.

#ReactJS / #ReactNative community behind #ReactSummit Conference and #ReactAmsterdam Meetups. Gathering 20K React fans online, 1.5K at in-person events.